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The Tradition

Sais Compensati was established in 1947 and originally started as a manufacturing firm that developed and manufactured seats and seat backs. Today it offers a wide range in the production of plywood and operates at international level.

Based in Gattinara, the production area extends over 60,000 sq.m. In order to satisfy the customers’ needs in the sector of boatbuilding and exterior door production, our priority is continue to be investing in new machineries and technologies.

The Company

The company, directly run by the owners, is not only flexible in order to respond to the most particular requirements of its customers, but assures a high quality standard being personally involved in the whole production process.

Specialised in the production of fancy plywood and by combining it with other materials, like aluminium, foam and rubber, SAIS Compensati offers insulating and sound absorbent panels.

The Machinings

Since 1947 SAIS Compensati produces fancy plywood for the sector of boatbuilding and exterior door production.

Today it offers a wide range of products in order to satisfy the most demanding needs of the market and operates on an international level. Constant research and investments allow to maintain a leader position by offering state-of-the art products.

The Materials

The aim of our company is to guarantee a high quality standard.

Therefore, to meet all the requirements the whole production process is run directly by the owners, starting from the selection of rotary cut veneers which takes place in the country of origin, the control of jointed veneers sheet by sheet and ending by controlling the final product.