Veneered Chipboard panels


Particleboard panel used for carpentry decorated on both faces with veneer.

Data sheet
Dimensions (mm) 3100×1840 – 2550×1840.
Available in different sizes on request. (max. width 2070)
Thicknesses (mm) 9, 16, 18. Available in different thicknesses on request.
Quality A/B – A/A 2 sides veneered and A/BB 1 side veneered.
Gluing EN 717-2 class E/1
Veneers Fir, Maple, Birch, Chestnut, Cherry, Douglas, Beech, Ash, Larch, Mahogany, Walnut, Pear, Carolina Pine, Knotty Pine, Oak, Tanganika, Teak, Tulipier, Wengè, Zebrano. Available in different woods on request.
Approx. 700 kg/m3


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