Quality and innovation

Innovation at the service of the product

The quality of our products goes through our production process.. Compensati our technological investment is oriented towards the maintenance of high standard production and towards the increase of the production line performance.

These state-of-the-art machines allow us to offer customized products and to work with the wood with both standard and advanced techniques.


Our internal laboratory allows us to test the products, carry out meticulous quality checks and offer the client a perfect end product.
We carry out two main tests: emissions test and mechanical test

Mechanical test

During the testing of the products we monitor the essential aspects of production.
Mechanical tests, which are made up of several phases, evaluate the technical and functional properties of the plywood and they define its bonding class. This process is essential for producing plywoods and panels capable of enduring the physical conditions for which they are thought.

Emissions test

Chemical testing for the emissions control on the glues support us in the production of panels and plywoods able to respect the national and international standards of quality.

Gas Analysis

Moreover, in the laboratory first and on the production line later, we carry out periodic stress tests aimed at the Gas Analysis, useful to define potential issues and ensure a safe final product.

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We personally select the raw material. The choice of a good provider is the first essential step for a quality product.